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The Ekoscope is a multi-patented, FDA approved portable medical instrument, with built-in electronic stethoscope operation, featuring Bell Mode & Diaphragm Modes. The Ekoscope takes a novel approach to obtain limb leads EKG data, without the use of electrode cables or wires. The Ekoscope also has an ingeniously concealed micro USB port, to recharge its battery and download or upload files/data to another device or network.

The Ekoscope's EKG built-in technology has adapted Dr. Willem Einthoven Nobel Prize winning fundamental principles: "Einthoven triangle", to detect electrical signal from the chest wall, hands and legs seamlessly in just a few seconds! Ekoscope is the world’s first 6 lead EKG machine, built into a stethoscope device.

Medical doctors & midlievel practitioners will be able to assess a patient's vital organs, (beyond listening to heart sounds) with an electronic stethoscope, to detect & diagnose cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, in real time.

More details about a patient's vital organs mean a faster and clearer diagnosis - beyond listing to heart sounds alone!

In a rapidly evolving tele-healthcare system, the Ekoscope and associated portable technologies (wireless BP, glucometer & Sp02), will prove to be the most valuable tools to care for patient during a pandemic.